Matt Maylor Taylor

A face picture of Matt Taylor

in St Petersburg, FL

I have 6+ years of experience in a real world work environment. I helped develop a SaaS start-up company for 4 years. The company grew from 5 employees and 12 clients to 35 employees and 100+ clients.

My Skills and Achievements

  • 5+ years with SQL and MySQL databases, C# language, Razor templates, and MVC framework
  • 5+ years using .NET 4.6 and 4.7
  • 4+ years of AngularJS development, Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS/LESS
  • 2+ years using CosmosDb and the latest .NET Core and .NET Standard technologies and builds
  • 2+ years experience with Node, Express, MEAN stack, and Angular 2+
  • 1 year experience with PHP Laravel
  • Well versed on proper RESTful standards, HTML5 standards, WCAG compliance standards, and C# coding patterns such as the “Visitor Pattern” and the "Repository Pattern"

I am very experienced in the Microsoft .NET environment, the AngularJS and Angular2+ front-end frameworks, SQL and MySql relational databases, Mongo and CosmosDB non-relational databases, and Node JS server applications. Read more about my life...

ScrumMaster Certified

I recently decided to better myself and my development practices by getting ScrumMaster Certified (CSM) by ScrumAlliance.

You can view my public certificate here.